Product information:

White tablecloth made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester textile.

Length (embroidered edge) 200 cm.

Width 200 cm.

Size can be personalized:

· length between: 100-220 cm

· width between: 150-250 cm

To personalize your tablecloth please contact us.

Additional information:

This altar tablecloth has been created for the devout parishioners of Mother Mary who desired to make a gift to their parish.

The surface of the embroidery, realized with the highest quality thread, misures  90 cm in length and  27 cm in width, for this reason it is possible to personalize the size of the tablecloth with the width being at least 100cm.

It is also possible to embroider the name of the church, parish or religious order to which they belong. The embroidery is not greater than 10 cm width and is in white thread in the corner oposite the main embroidery.

The textile in grey satin which can be seen underneath the white tablecloth is not an integral part of the product.

The person or persons who are charged with the conservation of the article are required to follow the washing and ironing instructions as indicated on the attached label.