Pack of 3 towels, Cat


Color information:

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Set composed of three towels of high density terrycloth, 100% cotton.


  • Small towel 50×30 cm
  • Medium towel 50×100 cm
  • Large towel 70×140 cm


More details:

Soft and embracing, they are a splendid gift for your friends or yourself and your children. The embroidery is realized with material and thread of pure cotton.

Personalize the set of towels with a name of your choice.

The towels are high quality, the terrycloth we propose has a weight of 520g and can be washed in a washing machine at 60°

Pantone® match color



Additional information

Color gatito

blue, Green, Pink, Red

Idioma Yo

I, Io, Je, Jo, Yo

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