Pack of 3 towels, Nuvola


Set composed of three towels of high density terrycloth, 100% cotton.


  • Small towel 50×30 cm
  • Medium towel 50×100 cm
  • Large towel 70×140 cm


The embroidery is realized with material and thread of pure cotton. Personalize the set of towels with a name of your choice.

The large towel comes with a color cotton band that you choose with a cloud embroidered in white pile. In the other band the custom name will be embroidered.

The medium towel has embroidered on one side a cloud of the same color and fabric as the band of the large towel, and on the other side the custom name of the same color.

The small towel is embroidered with the personalized name of the chosen color on one side.

The colors to choose are: pink, blue, green and gray.

Additional information

Color fondo nube

Gray, Green, Pink, Sky-blue

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